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2020 Election Update:

The 2020 Presidential Election featured record-high voter turnout all over the country and very close margins in many states, including several where counting of ballots is (still) ongoing. Over the weekend, the national media called the Presidential election for former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris. However, the media does not determine whether a contest is over. There are a lot of serious questions that have been raised. Historically, election shenanigans are not uncommon in places like Philadelphia and Detroit. The question is what can be proven and how much total impact it had.

As of this writing, President Trump’s team is filing lawsuits in several states including PA, AZ, NV and WI. Whether there is enough evidence to change the outcome in a state or not, these questions are important ones to shine a bright light on the election process and ensure that legally cast votes – votes that follow the rules – are counted and any votes outside the rules are not.

I believe that it is important to ensure these legal questions are answered or settled in court before the media just tries to move on.

Nationally, Republicans did much better than expected by the pundits, picking up 7 seats in the U.S. House as of today with a few more seat gains expected once all the votes are in. Democrats seem likely to retain their majority but only by a few seats. In the U.S. Senate, Republicans are certain to have 50 seats with two Georgia U.S. Senate seats going to a runoff in January. All eyes will be on the state of Georgia for the next couple of months.

Locally, Judge Richard Titus won the election to continue serving as Carroll County Circuit Court Judge. This race was particularly important because the winner serves a 15 year term. On Carroll Board of Education, Marsha Herbert and Donna Sivigny were re-elected which I view as a victory for their common sense leadership during this difficult period of time as they’ve fought to keep our schools open.

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Sen. Justin Ready