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I know so many are going through a very difficult time as our economy struggles dealing with the COVID 19 fallout. My staff and I are working every day to help get answers for people who are trying to get unemployment benefits or small business relief. I hope to have more concrete updates for everyone soon on those items.

Last week, our District 5 team laid out what we have been and are pushing for in regards to recovery and re-opening of Maryland's economy. You can read that in full by clicking here.

However - with all the news and people's attention focused, of course, on this situation, it's easy to forget that there is a primary election coming up in Maryland.

The date is June 2nd BUT there will only be limited in-person voting that day. Instead, the Board of Elections is mailing out ballots to every registered Republican and Democrat for them to be able to vote in the primary. 

Those ballots will be mailed out in the next few days and will likely be hitting your mailbox early next week. You'll be able to vote and mail them back or drop them in-person on June 2nd.

With both presidential nomination contests decided - and not many other offices on the ballot - it's easy to assume that this isn't an important election. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm writing to ask Carroll County voters to join me in supporting Richard Titus for continuance as our Circuit Court Judge.

Judge Titus has demonstrated a wise intellect, keen sense of right and wrong and a belief in justice and fundamental fairness. In addition to the support of our District 5 Team (myself and Delegates Krebs, Rose and Shoemaker), he's received the endorsement of Sheriff Jim DeWees and the Carroll County Fraternal Order of Police as well as our State's Attorney Brian DeLeonardo.

It's important to cast your vote in this important race and it's on the ballot for both Republican and Democratic primaries as it is a non-partisan race. 

In closing, please be sure to vote - and in regards to this incredibly challenging time, you can count on me to continue working for the people in our community and our job creators so we can get people back to work, keep people safe and get our economy back on track.

I'll be reaching out again with another update soon.


Sen. Justin Ready