Maryland has a rich heritage of farming and a number of significant agricultural achievements. From produce to dairy, and horses to livestock, family farms are a key part of our state’s economy. But thanks to a generation’s worth of tax-and-spend government in Annapolis, it’s harder to succeed in Maryland’s agricultural economy than ever before.

Unfortunately, many farmers are forced to sell their land rather than being able to pass it on to their children or another farm. And as a result, Maryland is at risk of losing this rich heritage forever. 

Justin’s proud to have co-sponsored legislation to re-couple the Maryland estate tax to the federal estate tax. This is one of the most important issues facing family farms because Maryland taxes estates at a different level and forces farmers and business owners to keep two sets of books on depreciation of equipment and property value.

Maryland’s high taxes and unwillingness to be flexible have hit agriculture hard. You can’t be for open space and land preservation and against farmers. You can’t say you support family farms, but support taking away development rights entirely which diminishes the land’s value.

We need leadership in Annapolis who understands the value of Maryland’s agricultural community, and who’ll have their backs when it counts. If you agree, add your name and join our campaign.

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