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Governor Hogan and Carroll Delegation Secure Significant Help for School System

At midnight Monday, the 2016 General Assembly Session came to a close. It was a resounding success for taxpayers and businesses throughout Maryland but Carroll County government and, in particular, the school system will receive a tremendous financial boost thanks to the support of Governor Hogan and the hard work of the county’s delegation.

2016 Session Highlights for Carroll:

-$5.2 million in additional K-12 Education funding over the previous year - $4 million of which were a direct, one-time grant in the state budget by Governor Hogan. Carroll’s Senators and Delegates were successful in protecting that funding during the General Assembly budget process by working with their colleagues in both parties.

-$275,000 in annual savings due to SB195/HB194 which transferred child support enforcement responsibility from Carroll State’s Attorney’s office to State Attorney General and Department of Human Resources. Most counties in Maryland have made this transfer.

-$125,000 in approximate annual savings due to passage of SB 520 which will allow Carroll County Public Schools to be reimbursed for all school bus gas taxes paid each year.

-Funding for Route 32 Widening and Expansion with engineering and efficacy studies on the Carroll County portion. Investment starts with $4 million for widening and intersection improvements in the area of the new Maryland National Guard Readiness Center.

“Working with each other and across the aisle, our delegation was able to protect this crucial funding and secure much needed ongoing savings for county government,” said Sen. Justin Ready (R-5). “We’re thankful to Governor Hogan for looking out for Carroll County and to the chairs of the House and Senate budget committees for ensuring that we received a fair shake in the budget process.”

“This legislative package for Carroll County is an important step forward in addressing education funding and transportation challenges,” continued Del. Susan Krebs (R-5). “Governor Hogan and our team succeeded in giving our commissioners significant one-time funds as well as ongoing savings to devote toward our school system.”

“In addition to funds for education, we were able to make progress on Route 32 widening which will help us in attracting business investment,” Del. April Rose (R-5) said. “Economic growth is a key factor in turning around enrollment decline in Carroll which has led to the challenges our school system faces.”

“We appreciate Governor Hogan’s support in the state budget for Carroll and what we were able to accomplish as a delegation building coalitions with our colleagues on this issue,” concluded Del. Haven Shoemaker (R-5). “Our delegation looks forward to further opportunities to find cost savings and improve our economic climate.”