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Good afternoon,

As a strong supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, I wanted to let you know that the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, which I sit on, will hear the 16 bills related to firearm laws listed below tomorrow, March 9, beginning at 1:00 PM. Some are pro-gun bills that I support, some are anti-gun which I oppose. If interested, you can watch the Committee live online through a link that is created daily, it is provided for you here

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Sen. Justin Ready

Judicial Proceedings Schedule for March 9th, 2016:

SB 176    Sen Brochin, Public Safety - Firearms - License Fees

(Reduction of Application Fee for Handguns)

SB 184    Sen Norman, Public Safety - Permit to Carry, Wear, or Transport a Handgun – Qualifications

(Permits issuance of gun permit on the grounds of personal protection)

SB 208    Sen Hough, Public Safety - Renewal of Handgun Permits -Fingerprinting

(No fingerprinting required for renewal of gun permit)

SB 214    Sen Norman, Public Safety - Handgun Permit – TemporaryTraining Waiver

(Waives specified 60 day waiting period for application in cases of imminent danger)

SB 229    Sen Cassilly, Firearms - Handgun Qualification License Live-Fire Component

(Mandates that no practice component is needed for issuance of specified handgun licenses)

SB 276    Sen Klausmeier, Public Safety - Handgun Permits - Expiration

(Authorizes Secretary of State to establish alternative expiration dates for individual gun permits)

SB 403    Sen Waugh, Handgun Permits - Universal Recognition

(Specifies that permits issued in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C., or West Virginia are valid in Maryland)

SB 615    Sen Jennings, Criminal Law - Theft of a Firearm

(Prohibits firearm theft and establishes specific circumstances that prohibit an individual from possessing a firearm)

 SB 638    Sens Pugh and McFadden, Possession of Loaded Handgun or Regulated Firearm - Enhanced Penalties

(Establishes additional parameters for prohibiting certain individuals from possessing firearms)

SB 667    Sen Simonaire, Public Safety - Permit to Wear, Carry, or Transport a Handgun - Expiration and Renewal

(Alters length of time for which a permit is valid and alters the time period for the renewal of permits)

SB 742    Sen Muse, Public Safety - Imitation Firearms - Prohibition

(Prohibits the manufacture or sale of an imitation firearm)

SB 906    Sen Madaleno, Weapon-Free Higher Education Zones

(Prohibits the carrying or possession of firearms, knives, or deadly weapons on the property of public institutions of higher education, with notable exceptions)

SB 943    Sen Raskin, Criminal Procedure - Firearms - Transfer

(Requires a court to inform an individual that they are prohibited from possessing a firearm under certain provisions of law)

SB 944    Sen Raskin, Firearms - Applications - Notification and Reporting

(Requires the Secretary of State Police to provide notice of a specified rejection of a handgun qualification license application within a specified amount of time)

SB 947    Sen Raskin, Public Safety - Rifles and Shotguns - Secondary Transactions

(Requires an individual to transfer a weapon through the mediation of an authorized dealer)

SB 965    Sen McFadden, Criminal Procedure - Right of Appeal - Unlawful Possession of Handgun or Regulated Firearm

(Authorizes the State to appeal a final judgment related to illegal possession of firearms under specified circumstances)