Health Care is an extremely complicated issue, but one that is fundamentally important to the economic and physical health of our state and our country.

Government-run health care, which is what Obamacare is moving us toward, is not the way we need to go. In Annapolis, Justin voted against implementing Obamacare in Maryland and against spending over $200 million on a failed state website for our state exchange.

Instead of government-run ObamaCare, Maryland needs common sense healthcare reform based on the following principles:

  • Insurance should be portable. People should be allowed to purchase insurance across state lines and keep it if they move or change jobs.
  • Health insurance should be completely tax deductible.
  • We must crack down on frivolous lawsuits which add more cost throughout the system.
  • We need to allow people to choose what services they need, rather than forcing “on size fits all” plans on them.
  • Maryland must crack down on fraud and abuse in Medicaid, which is the biggest driver of spending in the state budget.

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