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In the last week there have been several media features on work that I’m doing – along with other strong leaders in the Carroll County Delegation and the Republican Caucuses in the General Assembly - to fight for common sense, public safety and conservative principles in Annapolis.

First, my OpEd was featured in Sunday’s edition of the Carroll County Times, where I discussed the top legislative priorities of the 2023 Session for myself and the Senate Republican Caucus. These issues include the rising cost of living, crime and education. You can read it by clicking here.

Juvenile Crime:

I was also featured on Fox 45 discussing Governor Moore’s nominee to become Secretary of the Department of Juvenile Services, Vincent Shiraldi. The Republican Senate Caucus, including myself, raised some serious concerns with which I spoke about on the Senate floor before voting against the nomination. He was unfortunately approved 33-13 but I will continue to hold feet to the fire for real accountability for criminal behavior. You can listen to that floor speech - which lays out the issues in detail - by clicking here and view the Fox 45 article by clicking here.

Parents Rights:

The Baltimore Sun wrote an article featuring a bill I sponsored to establish fundamental parental rights in Maryland law. Senate Bill 566 states that the state can not infringe on a parent’s right to direct the upbringing, education, care, and welfare of the parent’s child. You can read this article by clicking here.

Supporting Education Reform & School Choice:

Finally, our Senate and House Republican Caucuses held a press conference to fight to restore funding for BOOST program, which is a small fund that is dedicated to helping largely poor and disadvantaged students be able to escape failing schools by giving their parents back some of their education funds to go to private schools. You can watch the full press conference that was streamed by Fox 45 on Facebook by clicking here. (It was Facebook only).