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Recently, our Carroll County School Board had decided to make masks optional for students this coming school year. I and our District 5 Delegates supported and agree with their decision. We are one of 9 counties in Maryland to come to that conclusion.

Unfortunately, the Maryland State Board of Education is having an emergency meeting tomorrow to take up the issue of passing a statewide mandate for schools that would override county board of education decisions and take away any discretion. I'm concerned about this not just because of the issue of mandatory masking on kids as young as pre-kindergarten is a government overreach but also because I believe in local control of our schools. Each county should be able to make their own decisions guided by data.

It's also interesting to me - I can't remember an emergency state board meeting ever happening to discuss the consistently failing or dangerous school situations in some other areas of our state. 

Here is the link to the State Board of Education webpage.

To make your voice heard to the Superintendent and members, you can email here: [email protected].

Whatever anyone feels about the decision to wear masks or other policies - the principle of local control of our schools is absolutely critical. Of course please feel free to contact me anytime with questions.