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March 16, 2016

Senator Ready Advances “Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act”
Presents SB 841 with Advocates and Legal Experts to Senate Finance Committee

Annapolis- Yesterday, Senator Justin Ready presented Senate Bill 841 “Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act” before the Senate Finance Committee. SB 841 seeks to protect unborn children and expectant mothers of Maryland from the horrors and pain of dismemberment abortion. “Dismemberment abortions are an inhumane and disturbing procedure carried out to terminate the life of an unborn child,” said Senator Ready. “The manner in which these abortions are carried out is barbaric and, particularly after 20 weeks, painful to the child. Instruments such as tongs, scissors, or similar tools are used to extract the baby from the womb, one piece at a time ending his or her life.”

“To be clear, this is performed on a live baby in utero,” Ready continued. “In addition, there is no aim at a particular part of the fetus. The abortionist will pull, twist, or pry whichever appendage is the easiest to reach. The result is the mutilation of the fetus during the termination of the pregnancy.”

“Regardless of anyone’s view on the issue of abortion, I think we all can agree that this procedure is cruel and destructive.” Senator Ready concluded. This legislation would not ban all abortion in the State of Maryland, its focus is directed toward dismemberment abortion. This bill includes an exception when a threat to the health of the mother is present. Far from an emergency only procedure, dismemberments represent over 90% of all second trimester abortions[1].