June 20, 2023

Ready Report: Father’s Day, Challenging Gov. Moore on Crime & More…

I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend as we fully enter the summer. I want to say that I could not have been more privileged or blessed to have Joe Ready as my dad. He gave my brother and me and now our children an example of a caring and Godly father and husband in our lives and to this day would literally give the shirt off his back to help us if we were in need or in trouble – but he was also a tough customer when it came to pointing us away from things that were wrong.

To all of the fathers out there, Happy belated Father’s Day!

Senate Republicans Challenge Governor Moore’s Public Safety Announcements:

Last week, Governor Moore held a press conference to discuss his plan to address the public safety crisis in Maryland. This was in response of a recent Gonzales poll which showed 89% of Marylanders support making theft of a handgun a felony.

The Republican Senate Caucus issued the following statement in response to Governor Moore’s public safety announcement:

Law Change – Maryland’s “Cocktails to Go” Policy Ends on June 30

During the Covid lockdowns, an emergency bill was passed to allow the sale of cocktails-to-go so that restaurants could maintain some of their liquor revenue. This bill was passed with a sunset date of June 30, 2023, meaning on July 1st these services will no longer be allowed.

Support our Local Volunteer Fire Department Carnivals This Summer – Schedule:

Carnivals hosted by local fire departments provide a great opportunity for the community to support their fire halls. Some carnivals in Carroll County have already concluded, however there are still several more coming up. Here is the schedule for the remaining carnivals:

6/21 – 6/24    Harney Fire Company
7/03 – 7/08    Manchester Fire Company
7/10 – 7/15     Winfield Fire Company
7/17 – 7/22    Reese Fire Company
7/31 – 8/05    Mount Airy Fire Company
8/07 – 8/12    Hampstead Fire Company

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