April 19, 2024

Ready Report: Post Session Report & More…

Below is a quick weekly update, but in case you missed it last week, I’m including a link to a detailed, full report covering many of the issues we worked on this Session in Annapolis.

ICYMI: End of Session Report

Following the end of the legislative session last week, I worked with Delegates Rose and Tomlinson to put together a full report on the happenings of the 2024 legislative session. In the report, we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. We also discussed some legislation that we sponsored this year, and also some of our biggest concerns moving forward. You can read the full End of Session Report by clicking here.

Carroll County Chamber of Commerce Breifing

Earlier this week the Carroll County Delegation was able to brief Carroll County Chamber of Commerce members on some of the policy outcomes from the 2024 General Assembly Session. From tax policy to energy to regulations there was a lot of activity that will directly impact our job creators and business climate. We need to gear up to be ready for next legislative session because there are already special interests and some General Assembly members plotting to push for higher taxes again. Thanks to the Chamber for having us there.

Petition to Governor Moore – Veto Tax Increases

Governor Moore promised no tax increases in his FY25 budget. Now that Democrats in the General Assembly have passed over $350 million in tax and fee increases to pay for the budget deficit that he created, it is time for him to be true to his word.

Sign the petition and tell Governor Moore to VETO the tax increases by clicking here.

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