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I hope you are doing well as we reach mid-August. As crazy as this year has been for all of us, I'm sorry that summer is in it's later phases now.  I wanted to share my OpEd from the Carroll County Times this past weekend.  Also, please take note of the need for election judges to support in-person voting in the upcoming General Election.

Carroll County Times OpEd: To Improve Dialogue, Concede Most Police have Good Intentions, Crime is a Problem in Many Cities

We need to bring some common sense to the conversation of police and crime in our cities.  The vast majority of police do their very best to help the communities they serve - they do not approach their jobs with bad intentions but that's often how the rhetoric nationally makes it sound. Prior to the recent protests, crime in Baltimore City had one of the worse homicide rates in the country, meanwhile, but the same leaders who excoriate all police remain silent. We must get recognition of the problem of violent crime, followed by honest conversations.  Read my full OpEd here.

Carroll County Comprehensive Rezoning Update

There will be another staff report session with the Planning and Zoning Commission for the By-Request rezoning efforts on August 18, 2020.  Properties to be disussed can be found at :


By February 7th      Application submittal -COMPLETED
Feb – May 2020     Staff review - COMPLETED
July 8th                  Planning Commission Introduction
July 21st                 Planning Commission Discussion and Recommendations
August  5th             Planning Commission Discussion and Recommendations
August 18th            Planning Commission Discussion and Recommendations
September 2nd      Planning Commission Discussion and Forward to the Board  of County Commissioners

   *This timeline is subject to change given the current COVID-19 situation and County Office operations.

$75,000 for Tahoma Road Boulder Park

On Wednesday, the Board of Public Works approved request from the Department of Natural Resources to commit $75,000 in funding from the Community Parks and Playground Program for project at the Tahoma Road Boulder Park in Westminster.  Specifically, these funds will be used to install a new climbing structure constructed with engineered wood fiber and install educational/interpretive signage at this unique play area nestled among the remnants of a historic lime kiln and quarry site.

Maryland Needs 13,000+ Election Judges

Like many of you, I have concerns about all-mail voting. I'm glad we are doing absentee ballot application mail here instead of live ballots and in-person voting. However - local election boards have said that a lack of poll workers could be a serious problem.  If you want to help ensure that in-person voting takes place as it should, learn the voting process from the inside and volunteer to help our community, you can serve as an election judge, click here for more information or to apply. The position does receive (modest) payment so it's not simply a volunteer commitment.

My staff continues to work remotely and can be reached at  [email protected] or by calling 410-841-3683. Both email and voicemail will be checked regularly. My team and I will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

As always, I want you to know it is my honor to represent you in the State Senate.  Again, your feedback and ideas are always welcome at [email protected] or by contacting my office.