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With the constant news cycle on COVID and protests, I thought I would give you my take on these topics. Thankfully Governor Hogan did not move backwards with more restrictions this week. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime you have thoughts or comments on these or other subjects.

Letter to Governor Hogan: No More Restrictions

Below is a letter to Governor Hogan that I helped draft, signed by all 15 Republican Senators encouraging him to continue resisting Democrat-led calls to re-shut down restaurants and bars because of recent rises in positive COVID tests among adults under 40. Many of the same people calling for this eagerly participated in and encouraged protests and large gatherings over the past month. Now they are demanding that the Governor punish struggling small businesses, 99.9% of whom are fully complying with safety regulations. I support everyone’s 1st Amendment right to peacefully protest and would not support restrictions on that. But let’s pretend that bars and restaurants are the main cause for these latest increases in COVID cases. I appreciate what Governor Hogan said yesterday that he opposes further restrictions on these establishments.



On The Ground Video: Portland Police Officer

An interesting video, a little long but eye opening. An honest and sincere account from a black police officer in Portland.