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Here’s an update on what’s happening in Annapolis at the end of the third full week of session.

Weekly Video Update – Crime “Solutions” and Unmasking our Children in School

For my weekly video update on what is happening in Annapolis, click here.

In the video, I discuss how the Democratic party is targeting law-abiding, gun-owning citizens in an attempt to solve the violent crime surge in Baltimore and the whole state. While they do this, I am going on the offensive, targeting repeat violent offenders and those who commit violent crimes with an illegally obtained handgun.

Additionally, I am sponsoring a bill that would make Maryland a “Shall-Issue” state for concealed carry permits, meaning Marylanders would have the right to wear, transport and carry a firearm for self-defense after a short background check process. More information on legislation that I am sponsoring can be found on the MD General Assembly website, or by clicking here.

Ready and Senate Republicans Pressing the Issue on Crime: 

The Republican Senate Caucus has held two press conferences in the first three weeks of session. The first had to do with bringing down the cost of living in Maryland, and our legislation to target violent crime. You can watch my remarks from this press conference here.

Then on Thursday, in response to the Senate Democrats rolling out a “crime” plan that would do very little to address the real culprit of crime – violent offenders not receiving proper jail time – our Senate GOP caucus again pushed the press to report the truth. We need to immediately pass the Hogan/Senate GOP bill to ensure that repeat violent criminals are taken off the streets and to close loopholes that give drug dealers less time for using a gun in a crime than other criminals (I’m not kidding).

Senate Republicans are also promoting my bill to make theft of handguns a felony and we want to pass meaningful judicial transparency so we can see each judge’s record. There is a tremendous amount of work to do in making Maryland a safer place, and I will continue to fight for legislation that actually deals with the real problem – not pandering to far-Left special interests who see criminals as victims.

Thank You Delegate Susan Krebs

This week, District 5 Delegate Susan Krebs announced that she will not seek re-election in the upcoming 2022 elections. Her retirement comes after 20 years of serving Carroll County in the House of Delegates. Delegate Krebs is a problem-solver who is tenacious when she identifies an issue. She also asks one of the best questions any elected official can ask when presented with a possible new law or regulation – “What’s the problem we are trying to solve?” (and do we need another law or maybe just better enforcement, coordination etc). I want to thank Delegate Krebs for her outstanding service – which will continue through the end of this year - and wish her the best in retirement.

Delegate Krebs and I discussing an issue with Delegates Shoemaker and Rose on the House floor.

Watching the 2022 General Assembly in Action:

In the 2022 General Assembly Session every Senate/House floor session, committee hearing, and committee voting session are being live-streamed. Here is a link to a short video, created by Sam Jones from my staff, that shows where to go to watch both live floor Sessions and committee action. You can click here to view the video.

Senatorial Scholarships Available:

If you are or know a high school senior or college student, please consider applying for a Senatorial Scholarship.  For more information or to request an application, email Emily Van Horn at [email protected] and include your full address.  Scholarships will be accepted up to April 15, 2021.