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Ready Report, January 10, 2017

Tomorrow, January 11th, Maryland state legislators will reconvene in Annapolis for the 437th session of the General Assembly.  We will be in touch in the coming days with updates on my legislative priorities and what’s happening here in Annapolis. Below is a link to my OpEd on the “Road Kill Bill”, and 2017 Presidential Inauguration tickets.

Carroll County Times Op-Ed – Repeal the “Road Kill Bill”:

Last week I wrote an wrote an OpEd which appeared in the Carroll County Times highlighting the need to repeal the “Road Kill Bill”, a bill passed last year by the liberal, Democrat majority that could kill key road improvement projects and redirect funds to just a few projects, mostly mass transit, in urban areas.  Click here to read the full OpEd.

2017 Presidential Inauguration Tickets:

My office has received many requests for tickets to the upcoming Presidential inauguration.  If you are interested in obtaining tickets, please contact your U.S. Senator or Representative.  If you are unsure who to contact, visit, and enter your address. By clicking on the individual legislator on the left, it will redirect you to their website and contact information.

There are a limited number of tickets for the area right around the Capitol and those tickets are given out in a lottery by each congressional office. Of course, you can still go without a ticket. There will be giant television screens and speakers set up all throughout the National Mall. Tickets allow you to get much closer however.