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Ready Report June 13, 2017

Summer is starting to heat up! Congratulations to our Carroll County Students who graduated from either High School or College over the past few weeks. I wish you all the best of luck on your next adventure.

Below you can find details on Attorney General Frosh playing politics by suing President Trump, local news, and more!


 Senator Ready participating the ribbon cutting of the new ASL intrpreters location in Eldersburg on Monday

Attorney General Frosh Playing Politics

 During Session 2017, the majority party in the legislature obsessed on finding ways to obstruct the progress of President Trump in Washington rather than focusing on helping the people of Maryland. One of the most controversial resolutions that passed the legislature this Session was the broadening of Attorney General powers. The Democrats in the legislature voted to give AG Frosh the unchallenged authority to sue the Federal Government and President Trump without the consent of the Governor or the Legislature. I strongly opposed this action, I even led a walkout of Senate Proceedings when my fellow Republican colleagues and I were not granted the opportunity to try to defeat the resolution or at least have time to review it closely.

Here we are less than 4 months later, and Attorney General Frosh has jumped at an opportunity to sue President Trump without the approval of Governor Hogan or the Legislature. AG Frosh needs to focus on the people of Maryland rather than trying to interfere with D.C. politics. I urge the Attorney General to drop his unprecedented lawsuit against the President, and focus on doing his job by helping the people of Maryland.


 Justin and Team Ready before the New Windsor Carnival Last Week

 Senator Ready’s Annual Business Breakfast Roundtable

On the Thursday, June 15th, we will be hosting my annual business breakfast roundtable at Greenmount Station in Hampstead. I hope you will be able to join us! To purchase tickets, or to make a donation to support our campaign efforts. click on the picture below.


Can you Help the Governor during his Upcoming BBQ?

On Saturday, June 24th, Governor Hogan will be hosting his annual BBQ at Camp Letts in Edgewater. The new campaign manager for the Governor asked me to look for volunteers to help make phone calls to promote the BBQ. Team Hogan will be hosting phone banks in Annapolis on Thursday, June 15th from 6-8p, and walk-ins from June 13th-16th from 10a-4p. Anyone who volunteers at the phone banks will receive a free ticket to participate in the BBQ. Please email Cory Dennis at [email protected] if you would like to help! 

 New Law Expands Naloxone Access to all Marylanders

To combat the opioid overdose epidemic that is plaguing our State, Maryland Pharmacies now have a standing order to dispense Naloxone, a non-addictive lifesaving drug that can reverse and opioid overdose. I want to thank Governor Hogan and the General Assembly for working in this bipartisan manner to try and rid our state from the horrors of heroin in opioid addiction.


Traffic Update for Carroll County


There are two significant traffic updates for Carroll County I want to provide to you.

The first is MD Route 32 widening from a two-lane road to a four-lane highway with shoulders. MDOTSHA will host an informational public meeting on Wednesday, June 28th, from 6:30pm-8:30pm at Dayton Oaks Elementary School, 4691 10 Oaks Rd, Dayton, MD 21036.

The second is Traffic Alert- Gorsuch Road & Center Street on Thursday, June 15th. Between the hours of 8am and 2pm, Carroll County Department of Public Safety, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, CCPS, and CC Volunteer Emergency Services Associations will be holding an Emergency Response Training exercise in this area. All roadways will be open to traffic, but motorists should expect delays.

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