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Ready Report June 2, 2017

 I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you to all of our service members and their families who sacrificed for our freedom.

Below you can find out information regarding Governor Hogan’s veto of the paid sick leave bill, news on Knorr Break expanding in Carroll County, and details on our Annual Business Breakfast Roundtable.


Senator Ready participating in the Westminster Memorial Day Parade on Monday


Governor Hogan Attempts to Save Maryland Businesses from Harmful Legislation

Last week Governor Hogan made a bold statement by vetoing legislation that is hostile to Maryland’s small businesses. The Governor decided to exercise his veto on the highly discussed Paid Sick Leave Bill. Governor Hogan has been a supporter of Paid Sick leave, but not at the expense of killing Maryland jobs and this is what the legislation passed by the Democratic majority in the General Assembly would do. Personally I consider paid sick leave to be an admirable social policy goal, but I do not think businesses should be mandated by the government to provide this benefit to all of their employees.

There are many problems with the bill that passed the General Assembly. One of the most problematic policies in this legislation is that part-time employees that only work 12-hours a week are eligible to receive five sick days yearly. All companies with 15 employees or more are required to provide this mandatory paid leave once the employee is on the payroll for 106 days. This legislation is hostile to small-businesses and companies looking to move into Maryland.

Governor Hogan offered a more balanced and commonsense approach to paid leave compared to what the General Assembly passed during Session. This plan offered income tax subtractions to businesses with less than 50 employees that elected to provide employees with paid leave. The Governor is attempting to find a compromise with Senate President Miller and Speaker Busch before Session 2018 begins. Hopefully the Governor can work out a deal that helps workers, but also protects Maryland’s Job Creators.

Knorr Break Company Expanding into Carroll

Knorr Brake Company (KBC), a manufacturer of braking, door, and HVAC systems for the mass transit rail industry, is expanding its corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations in Carroll County and adding 200 new jobs over the next six years. The company will invest $2.2 million and add approximately 30,000 square-feet of space to its existing facility. Knorr Brake currently has 280 full-time employees. We are excited to have Knorr expand their capacities in Carroll County.


Senator Ready speaking at the Union Bridge Memorial Day Ceremony


Senator Ready’s Annual Business Breakfast Roundtable

On the Thursday, June 15th, we will be hosting my annual business breakfast roundtable at Greenmount Station in Hampstead. I hope you will be able to join us! To purchase tickets, or to make a donation to support our campaign efforts. click on the picture below.


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