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Good Afternoon! With a little less than one month left in the 2019 legislative session, we are barreling our way to April 9th. We've had some victories, one I'll mention below - but also there are a number of bad bills that are moving I'm still working to defeat. My team and I will make sure to keep you updated over these last twenty-five days of this years session.

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Presenting Broad-Based Tax Relief

On Wednesday, I presented SB951, legislation that would cut every Marylander’s income taxes by .25%, to the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. Maryland’s burdensome taxes have caused money and people to leave our state at catastrophic rates. Currently, we have the seventh worst combined tax burden in the country. If passed, SB951 would be a small step in the right direction to unleash individual economic freedom and make our state a place where families can afford to live. Ultimately, the Senate B&T Committee will need to approve this (need a majority of its 13 members) to go to the full Senate for a vote. 

VICTORY: Laura and Reid's Law Passes State Senate

Today Laura & Reid’s Law, Senate Bill 561, sponsored by Senator Justin Ready, (R-District 5), passed the Maryland State Senate by a vote of 46 - 1. As amended, SB 561 makes a crime of violence against a woman the perpetrator knows is pregnant an additional felony with a jail sentence of up to 10 years in addition to any other sentence imposed for the original crime. When it became clear that Laura & Reid’s Law as originally drafted would not get a vote in the General Assembly, I worked with Judicial Proceedings Committee Chairman Bobby Zirkin and other legislators, as well as advocacy groups to streamline the bill so that all pregnant women would be able to receive this additional protection. SB 561 will now move over to the House of Delegates.

Bad Bill Alert: Maryland Dream Act

I am sad to report that this week, SB537, also referred to as the “Expand Maryland Dream Act”, passed the Maryland State Senate. In short, this bill eliminates many of the restrictions that were placed on illegal immigrants attempting to receive in-state tuition at Maryland four year universities. When the original law was enacted back in 2011, to be eligible for in-state tuition, undocumented students had to have attended a Maryland high school for three years and attend community college before transitioning into the University of Maryland higher-education system. These are just two of the provisions that SB537 takes away, and I am proud to have opposed the original bill as a member of the house in 2011, and the bill in its current form as your State Senator earlier this week.

Ready Commentary in Carroll County Times: Education, Kirwan Commission Findings Among Key Issues Left in 2019 Session

Click on the link below to read my submission for "Other Voices" in the Carroll County Times newspaper; which includes details into education funding, the Kirwan Commission findings, and many other issues of the 2019 legislative session.


Senator Ready Video on Bills to Watch Out For

Discussing some of the remaining hot-button issues in my weekly video update from Monday night. Click the photo to watch the video.

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Sen. Justin Ready