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I hope that you, your family, and friends all had a wonderful Independence Day celebration. This week, I wanted to share a lengthy Carroll County Times article on “police reform” - including my comments in the article and let you know about the latest efforts of Maryland's Democrat establishment to try to keep our gerrymandered legislative and congressional map in place - they announced a "bipartisan Legislative Commission" - it's to try to counteract the Hogan effort to have a truly non-partisan redistricting process - which is what I support.

Carroll County Times - More on “Police Reform”

Following up on my recent OpEd on the controversial changes passed by the Maryland General Assembly this year.  This recent Carroll County Times article highlights more of the issues surrounding the police accountability measures passed in the 2021 Session. 

Here is an excerpt from the story followed by a link for the article: 

“Another bill of concern for Ready is Senate Bill 178, which allows police officers’ personnel records to be released to the public, including unsubstantiated claims, he said. “In our rapid response, social media world this provision will have a terrible chilling effect on proactive policing and make recruitment of new officers even harder than it already is,” he stated….(However), In his opinion, the most dangerous provision in the police bill package is the new “Use of Force” standard for the state in Senate Bill 71, Ready said…the officer has to evaluate the force being used against him by the suspect in the moment and only mirror or slightly exceed that force,” Ready said. “The penalty for the officer misjudging … in the heat of the moment when using any force is a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison.” He said “so many officers are trying their best and continue to get disrespected,” adding, legislators should not be taking a one-size-fits-all approach when addressing issues with policing.

Carroll County lawmakers lament over ‘one size fits all’ police reform bills - Carroll County Times (

Maryland Democrat Leadership Announces Rival Redistricting Commission

Earlier this year, Governor Hogan formed the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission to draw up maps he will propose to the General Assembly.  This commission is already conducting a round of public hearings ahead of the release of Census redistricting data.

This week, Democratic leadership announced their “bipartisan commission”  made up of 4 Democrats and 2 Republicans, that will conduct their own hearings and present their own maps.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to understand that politicians should not be drawing their own districts and picking their own voters. The maps the Citizens Redistricting Commission draws up and  proposes will ultimately be subject to approval from the General Assembly, where Democrats hold a veto-proof majority in both the House of Delegates and the Senate.

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