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First of all – I want to thank everyone who came out to our Annual Fall Family event on Wednesday evening with Lt. Governor Rutherford. We had a successful event with a great crowd. Lt. Governor Rutherford’s message of fiscal responsibility, government accountability and fighting for common sense reform in state government was right on point. It’s an honor to work with him and you all in the battle to keep changing Maryland.

Kirwin Commission Update

With more information out this week from the Kirwin Commission, Carroll County comes out mostly in the “winner” column, with a 35% increase in State funding, and a zero % increase required in our local share.  That’s because Carroll County has already been funding more than the new law would require.  While that sounds great, what we may well find is that the new law will now dictate how we have to spend those monies, and those ways may potentially undermine our past choices and priorities.  Additionally , although Carroll County comes out more on the 'winners' side in the form of increased State funding to our county, this unprecedented State increase is not "free" money.  Every increase is paid for by higher State taxes we all must pay.  In 2002, the Thornton Commission increased education spending by an unprecedented 113%.  At the end of Thornton’s phase-in, however, we discovered, that not only had we not increased the quality of our education, by some measurements areas of the state had actually slipped further back. In Carroll County, we have put the focus on outcomes for students, and we have proved it by building an education system that has outperformed. At the state level, decision-makers need to look at what successful local jurisdictions are doing rather than trying to spend more on failed policies of the past. 

At the core of my belief about education is that dollars should be focused in the classroom on teaching our students, hiring and retaining quality teachers at good salaries and providing services that promote academic achievement and career readiness. Some of the Kirwin recommendations are good in my opinion, but we must have a realistic and compromise approach to accomplishing the goals of improving our overall system. I will do my best to keep you updated as the process moves forward.

Funding for Anthony Wayne Rehab Center

On Wednesday, October 16, 2019, the Board of Public Works approved a request from the Maryland Department of Health for a grant of $268,603 to the Anthony Wayne Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Handicapped (DBA AWS) to assist with the acquisition of a four-bedroom house located at 808 Klees Mill Road, Westminster. The property will be used to provide housing for four people with mental illnesses.

National Prescription Drug Takeback Day

This fall, the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is Oct. 26.  Dropping off unused medications is easy, and there are no questions asked. In Carroll County the drop off site will be the Maryland State Police Barracks, 1100 Baltimore Blvd, Westminster or You can find sites at

50th anniversary of the Lunar Moon Landing Corn Maze –Carroll Co Ag Center

Open weekends September 29th until November 3rd. Hours: Friday: 6-10PM, Saturday: 2PM-10PM, Sundays: 12PM-5PM
Saturday afternoon and Sunday will include family activities. Admission: $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for children 5-15, under 5 free.
Go to or call 410-848-6704 for more information.