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I hope you and your family are doing well as we head into the weekend. Now that we are officially out of the 2021 Legislative Session, work begins back in my district as well as getting back into the flow of family life. Below are updates on several news items:

Elected Officials Should Respect Due Process - My Thoughts on Rep. Waters & Mayor Scott Comments:

I posted the statement below on social media before the verdict of the Derek Chauvin Trial - 

"Whatever someone thinks the outcome of any criminal trial will be or should be, elected officials and/or public figures should not say things that disrespect due process or claim that no other outcome will be “acceptable” or should lead to violence. Frankly, publicly rooting for an outcome one way or the other is probably a mistake - we should want justice to be done and pray for those making the decision (judges and juries) to do so with all the facts of the particular case in mind. This is true of ANY trial on any subject or crime. Disagreeing with an outcome is, of course, anyone’s right, but making threats beforehand about what will happen if the verdict is different than you want is extremely dangerous to our entire system of justice."

We must protect the rule of law and the sacred right of a trial by an untainted jury of our peers - no matter our opinion on how awful an act or situation is. Elected officials in particular should not be publicly demanding a verdict of a jury. I will continue to speak out about this issue and watch for anything that would water down all our rights to due process.

In Case You Missed It - Senator Ready 2021 End of Session Letter:

This past week, I put together a recap of the 2021 Legislative Session highlighting the 2022 FY Budget, Victories from the Session, bad news, and other information.  You can read the full letter on my website, here.

Carroll County Government Reopening Senior & Community Centers:

From Carroll County Bureau of Aging & Disabilities - We will celebrate the reopening of the Senior & Community Centers with a special event at Westminster Senior & Community Center (125 Stoner Ave. in Westminster) on Friday, April 30, 2021.  Featuring a theme of “Senior Center Strong,” the event will begin at 9:45 am and will conclude by 1:00 pm.  The celebration will launch with a Walk Carroll event, followed by indoor and outdoor exercise sessions, a Grab and Go lunch catered by Mollies Café of Westminster and live music presented by Doug Phoebus.  Due to the county’s commitment to maintain the safety of senior center members and staff, pre-registration will be required for all activities, with capacity limits designated.  Members from all five of the Senior & Community Centers are welcome to register. These measures will ensure social distancing and CDC COVID-19 safety guidelines can be maintained.  Interested seniors please sign up for the walking and exercise sessions here: If you would like to become a member, please call 410-386-3800.   

Stormwater Management & Conservation Projects Approved for Carroll County:

The Board of Public Works recently approved the following funds for projects in Carroll County:

  1. A request from the Maryland Department of the Environment for new grant funding of up to $632,010 from the Bay Restoration Fund to Carroll County for its Stormwater Management Restoration project.  This particular part of the project is for the Trevanion Terrace (Taneytown)
  2. A request to provide a $699.602 grant to Carroll County from Rural Legacy Funds for the acquisition of a 107.01 acre conservation easement in the Upper Patapsco Rural Legacy Area (Scott property).  Acquisition of this easement will protect productive agricultural and forest lands, and 2,280 linear feet of vegetative stream buffers along unnamed tributaries to Prettyboy Reservoir.