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For Immediate Release
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September 7, 2018
Senator Justin Ready & Family of Slain Howard County Teacher to Re-Introduce

Legislation Protecting Expectant Mothers

With the news of Tyler Tessier’s suicide yesterday, the Wallen family was again denied justice.
Tessier was charged with first degree murder for Laura’s death, but since Reid was only 14
weeks in development and not yet viable outside the womb, the State’s Attorney was unable to
charge him with Reid’s murder.
Senator Justin Ready, (R-District 5), has sought to change the law for these vulnerable women.
Ready plans to reintroduce legislation he first sponsored and introduced in the 2018 General
Assembly Session - Laura & Reid’s Law. This legislation would allow prosecutors in Maryland to
expand the application for the prosecution for the murder of an unborn child.
“I was angered and saddened at the news today. The Wallen family will now not only be denied
justice for their grandson, but also for their daughter,”  said Senator Justin Ready “We know
that homicide is a leading cause of death among Maryland’s pregnant women. We know many
of these women are targeted because they are pregnant. It’s time for women like Laura Wallen
to have the full protection and access to justice they and their families deserve.”
“As Mark Wallen, Laura’s father, recently highlighted, Maryland’s laws are among the strongest
in the nation for protecting the rights of women who choose not to have their children. But
when it comes to protecting women like his daughter Laura, who choose to be mothers, most
states, including California, have stronger fetal homicide laws than Maryland.” concluded
Senator Ready. 
Laura & Reid’s Law would allow for prosecution in murder cases where there is evidence that
the assailant knew that their victim was pregnant.  It is carefully written to protect babies like
Reid but not delve into medical services. 
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