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February 7, 2023

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Sam Jones (410)-841-3683

Senator Ready and Delegate Miller Propose Legislation Protecting

Fundamental Parental Rights in Maryland

Annapolis- Senator Justin Ready (R-District 5) and Delegate April Miller (R-District 4) have introduced SB 566 / HB 666 which would establish the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing, education, care, and welfare of their children clearly in state law and prohibit state government from infringing on a parent’s right to do so.

“As a parent of two young children, it is very important to me that all parents have the right to have a say in their child’s education” Senator Ready said. “This legislation will take an important step in protecting that right. We want to ensure that state policies always point toward strengthening parental involvement in their children’s education and support their primary role in their children’s emotional development.”

“As a former county Board of Education member and more importantly as a parent of three children, I know firsthand the concern that parents have about the lack of transparency and intrusiveness that is often present in schools and other government settings,” said Delegate Miller. “This legislation will honor and codify this most fundamental right – the right to direct our children’s social, emotional and physical upbringing.”

“We have seen a rapid deterioration of parental rights in our schools and health care settings and this legislation is necessary to make it abundantly clear that parents have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children without interference from the state” said Kit Hart, Carroll County Chapter Chair of Moms for Liberty. “This bill should garner support from both sides of the political aisle as we seek to protect the rights of all parents.”

SB 566 will be assigned to the Senate Education, Energy & Environment Committee and HB 666 will be heard in the House Ways & Means Committee. The hearing dates will be set in the coming days.

Links to the identical bills can be found here:

SB 566 -

HB 666 -