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Senator Ready and Delegate Shoemaker Propose Additional Year of Athletic Eligibility for High School Seniors

Annapolis- Responding to the unusual circumstances of the past year and the sacrifices that our students have made, Senator Justin Ready and Delegate Haven Shoemaker have introduced SB759/HB817 to grant current high school seniors one more year of athletic eligibility. The student participating would have to have maintained their academic eligibility through the 2020-2021 academic year, and may only play at the school they already attended.

“High school sports mean so much to all our communities as well as the student-athletes who have worked for years to get to where they are” Senator Ready said. “We want student-athletes to have the opportunity to finish their high school athletic careers properly.”

“The students that were forced to sacrifice all or most of their final year of high school sports deserve the opportunity to enjoy their final season, as well as compete for scholarships that may have been lost due to their inability to play,” said Delegate Shoemaker. “Let’s do something great for our students!”

HB817 was heard in the Ways and Means Committee on February 12, 2021 and is awaiting a vote. SB759 is scheduled to be heard in the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee on February 25, 2021 at 11:00 a.m..