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February 15, 2019

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Matthew Schwartzman (410) 841 3683


Senator Ready Introduces Broad-Based Income Tax Relief 


Annapolis- Yesterday, Senator Justin Ready (R-Carroll) introduced SB 951 legislation that would reduce Maryland income tax by .25% for every taxpayer. "SB 951 is a modest but broad-based tax cut that would let hard-working Marylanders keep more of the money they've earned while increasing our state's tax competitiveness," Senator Ready said

“Hard working Marylanders do not deserve to suffer from onerous tax rates,” continued Ready. “In my book, anything that we can do to put just a little bit more money in their pockets is a tremendous success.”

“To be clear, I believe we should make even more aggressive changes to modernize Maryland's tax code and take advantage of federal tax relief, but SB 951 is a realistic step in the right direction that would immediately help our state's economy and I look forward to making that case to my colleagues.” Senator Ready concluded. 

SB 951 is a cross-file of HB 0854, a center-piece of the House Republican Caucus' legislative agenda. It has been assigned first to the Senate Rules Committee and would then go to the Senate Budget & Taxation Committee. Senator Ready has been a leader in the fight to reduce Maryland's high tax rates and cost-of-living having sponsored/co-sponsored tax relief legislation each year he's served in the General Assembly.