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Senator Ready Introduces Legislation Requiring Local Authorities to Abide by DHS Detainers


Annapolis- Today, Senator Justin Ready (R-Carroll) presented SB 332 before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. The legislation seeks to address a major public safety problem that has developed in Maryland because of the application of “Sanctuary County” policies to convicted or suspected criminals being held by local law enforcement for other crimes.


“Detainers are placed most often on undocumented aliens who have either been convicted or are wanted for serious crimes or have been deported multiple times and have come back,” Senator Ready said.


“When a county or city is legally holding a person who has a detainer placed on them by the Federal Department of Homeland Security, the customary and common sense practice should be ensuring the deportation of that dangerous individual,” continued Senator Ready. “Instead some jurisdictions are doing the opposite, refusing to notify federal authorities for pickup and even refusing to let DHS access their facilities.”


“These practices go far beyond simple “sanctuary” policies for undocumented but otherwise law-abiding people. By not holding those with an ICE detainer, by not cooperating with federal authorities, jurisdictions engaging in these policies shield dangerous individuals unlawfully residing in our state.” Senator Ready said. 


In 2019 there were a number of heinous, violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants who were released by local law enforcement in several jurisdictions despite having a “detainer” placed on them by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. "SB 332 simply requires local law enforcement to alert the DHS 72 hours prior to release, and allows local authorities to hold detainees up to 48 hours after scheduled release to allow ICE to coordinate processing their deportation." Senator Ready concluded.