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Annapolis- Today, Senator Justin Ready (R-Carroll) praised Governor Hogan’s sixth State of the State address – in particular for its focus on real solutions the out-of-control crime in Baltimore and delivering tax relief for Maryland retirees.

“The Governor’s speech was a clarion call to the General Assembly to get serious about stopping violent crime and illegal gun trafficking as well as the lack of accountability in the court system that is plaguing the Baltimore area,” Senator Ready said. “Instead of ‘straining at the gnat’ of law-abiding citizens practicing their 2nd Amendment rights, we must focus on the ‘camel’ of violent crime committed by people with illegal handguns.”

Senator Ready has co-sponsored Governor Hogan’s Crime legislative package which increases penalties for those who use guns to commit violent crimes, toughens penalties for those who possess stolen firearms and guns with obliterated serial numbers, and those who use, possess, or supply illegal guns to violent criminals.”

“Governor Hogan also stressed the urgency of addressing Maryland’s abysmal ranking for retirement friendliness,” continued Senator Ready. “We want our citizens who have lived and worked in Maryland to be able to afford to retire here and continue contributing to our communities. Governor Hogan’s Retirement Tax Reduction Act, which I’ve co-sponsored, would help do just that. It would eliminate all state tax on the first $50,000 of income for retirees making up to $100,000 in federally adjusted gross income. Retirees with Maryland income up to $50,000 will pay no state tax whatsoever.” Senator Ready concluded. 

Additional positive initiatives referenced in the State of the State Address included non-partisan redistricting reform to fix Maryland’s badly gerrymandered congressional and legislative districts, accountability measures for education spending, and greater balance in transportation spending.

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