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We are down to 34 days left in the 2023 General Assembly Session, nearly 2/3rds over. Sadly, we still have not seen any bills dealing with stopping violent crime and getting violent offenders off our streets. Neither house has passed a balanced state budget yet. But - starting tomorrow - the Senate of Maryland will debate legislation on the Senate floor dealing with abortion and firearm rights of law-abiding citizens but not criminalsHere's two of the worst bills:

SB 1 seeks to dramatically limit the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their wear and carry permit firearm rights and make it more expensive and time consuming to get them. This is in response to the Supreme Court's Bruen decision last year which struck down Maryland's unconstitutional "may issue" carry permit law. Before the Supreme Court acted, a law-abiding citizen had to prove why they should have a permit and it was very restrictive.

Now, extreme liberals in the Maryland General Assembly are attempting to crack back down. I believe this bill will lead to more litigation - and I am fighting to stop it. We should be strengthening laws that go after repeated violent criminals and taking things like stealing firearms seriously - which I have legislation to do. 

Senate Bill 798 attempts to enshrine the unlimited right to abortion up to birth of a child, with essentially no protections or exceptions, into the Constitution of Maryland. I'm pro-life but no matter where one's beliefs on abortion lies, it is clear that Maryland is already one of the most accessible states when it comes to abortion already. 

The language of SB 798 is vague and dangerous, using terms like "including but not limited to" prevent, continue, or end a pregnancy which opens the idea of "reproductive freedom" much more widely than just abortion or birth control. 

It is silent on how minor children should be treated differently than adults, it does elevate the act of abortion to a "fundamental right" in the state constitution which means that any restriction even for procedure or facility safety would be challenged as restricting a right at the same level of freedom of speech.

Finally - the bill also specifies what language would be on the actual ballot in November of 2024 and it OMITS several points 

The bill will be on the Senate floor, tomorrow (Thursday). We expect to have debate over possible amendments into Friday with a final vote as early as Monday. 

Once again - while these two bills and many other extreme bills that make things easier on criminals seem to swiftly move through the General Assembly, our Maryland Senate Republican legislation targeting repeat violent offenders and violent juveniles have not moved. The focus of the Maryland General Assembly continues to target law-abiding citizens instead of going after the bad guys.

As always, I'm going to continue standing up for common sense, conservative principles and working for our local priorities - where we ARE making some progress. Please feel free to reach out to my office anytime with questions or concerns and my team and I will do our best to assist you.