August 15, 2023

Storm Recovery Update

Last week, Carroll County endured one of the worst storms anyone can remember, resulting in serious and lengthy power outages, significant property damage and of course the shutdown of Route 140 due to lighting and telephone polls ripped out of the ground by high winds. All of us are very thankful that there were no fatalities and few if any serious injuries but of course it has been a traumatic and difficult several days. I wanted to send out an update about where things stand and provide any resources possible to help those dealing with the aftermath.

Route 140 Now Re-Opened:

After about a week’s closure, Route 140 running through Westminster fully reopened on Monday. I know that it took quite some time but it was a huge undertaking and we thank all the workers, first responders and support teams that labored to get 140 back open and moving.

Carroll County Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Division of the Department of Public Safety is responsible for coordinating the response to emergencies and disasters that affect Carroll County.  Their goal is to create and maintain a coordinated program of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities that allows for an all-hazards approach to any emergency event.

Recovery involves restoring systems back to normal after an emergency and may be short-term or long-term in nature. Recovery may include damage assessment, debris removal, and provision of disaster assistance information.

How to Reach Emergency Management Staff:

Valerie Hawkins – Emergency Management Manager
[email protected]

Jacob Hill – Emergency Management Assistant Manager
[email protected]

Maryland Insurance Administration Contact Information

If your home or property was damaged during the storm, the Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) is available to help if there are challenges with insurance. More information about the resources MIA can provide can be found by clicking here.

FINALLY – If you are still experiencing issues related to the storm such as a power outage or debris in roadways, you can certainly reach out to my office at [email protected] or 410-841-3683 and we can engage with our contacts and/or put you in touch with the right agencies to contact.

Have a great week ahead!

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